Naomi Bhatia
Naomi Bhatia

My sessions do not offer advice, but rather educate you about yourself and your options so that you can make clear decisions

The goal is to help you identify what you want and need so that I can enable you to make clear, informed decisions that reflect your values, and goals

Empathically guiding individuals from struggle to strength, one client at a time

Young woman with body image issues & low self-esteem


During this case, my approach was to empathize with my client, work on her self-esteem, help her build confidence, train assertiveness, and incorporate daily journaling to ease anxiety for her to get back to functioning

Man experiencing anxiety and panic attacks


I worked with his on work-life balance, stress management, emotions, triggers,  relaxation training and mindfulness. He gained a better understanding of her emotions, reduced anxiety, and balanced work effectively

Young woman dealing with hair pulling disorder

Offline (Home)

During my intervention, the number of times she pulled hair decreased and the quantity decreased to the point where she stopped pulling hair. We also helped her feel more confident and handled anxiety better

A woman suffered a brain stroke that paralysed her left side

Offline (Home)

During this case, my approach was to empathize, understand the mental challenges, work on rehabilitation through art therapy, provide relaxation training and counselling for her to get back to functioning

Sudden loss of mother to COVID, followed by severe financial loss

Offline (Clinic)

I worked with him on his grief, trauma release using metaphor therapy, stress and time management . He gained a better understanding of his emotions, reduced anxiety, and balanced work effectively

A teenage girl experienced concentration issues & anxiety

Offline (Clinic)

It was a case of ADHD along with social anxiety & hormonal imbalances. Psychotherapy sessions along with coping strategies helped her function. We worked on her concentration and gave her parents guidance as well. She started feeling better with just a few sessions

Here's How We Can Work Together

My sessions are warm and compassionate spaces, where healing begins. Offering personalized counseling, psychotherapy, wellness, art therapy, and drawing analysis to support you on your journey to inner peace, at any age and for any challenge

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I Offer Personalized & Private Interventions to Empower You With Compassion & Care


Counseling is a form of talk psychotherapy that provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to express themselves and work through life’s challenges. Whether you’re struggling with time management, stress, work-life balance, social skills, or a significant life change, I am here to help you.

Counseling covers a range of issues such as goal planning, career development, professional growth, divorce, break-up, and grief for children, teenagers, & adults.

Healing & Therapy

Having mental and emotional health is the key to living a fulfilling life. Psychotherapy and healing can help you grow and transform, whether you are facing difficulties, struggling with emotions, or trying to uncover underlying issues.

My therapeutic healing interventions include mindfulness, relaxation training, therapeutic breathing, cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychoanalysis. I’m here to help you heal and grow if you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, or any other issue.


When it comes to general wellness, psychotherapy and counselling can be of immense value to geriatric populations since they can help them deal with physical and emotional changes related to aging, such as retirement, loneliness, feeling left out, and being unproductive.

Such interventions can also benefit women dealing with PCOD, hormonal issues, pregnancy, postpartum depression, miscarriage, abortion, and others in general who have chronic illnesses, hypertension, heart conditions, ADHD, autism, etc.

Bespoke engagements

The above interventions are not the only professional activities that I perform, I also participate professionally in support groups, hi-tea discussions (less formal versions of support groups), cafe meet-ups as a psychotherapy tool, and corporate art-centric interventions for employee wellness.

Always up for a chat to create a bespoke session that aligns with your vision.

Some common General Wellness cases I have handled
in the recent past!

Specialized Art Therapy

Recreational Psychology Cases

Women Wanting To Start Business

Cases on Body Image Issues

Holistic Wellness For Homemakers

Isolated at home, unable to leave.

Mental Health Wellness Programs

Recovery for Stroke patients

Post Hospitalisation Recovery

Home Visits For Geriatric Population

to be human is to love

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a fun and effective form of psychotherapy that uses creative methods to help individuals understand, express, and heal through the medium of art. I am trained to use art-based interventions to help clients improve their mental health. Whether it’s through painting, music, dance, or journaling, art has a unique ability to access the unconscious mind and bring clarity to thoughts and emotions.

Helps individuals heal and improve mental health

Holistic wellness for homemakers

Accesses the unconscious mind for clarity of thoughts and emotions

Engaging and fun form of therapy

My art therapy services are offered in both psychological therapy sessions and other settings like coffee shops and corporate events. Contact me today to schedule a session and start your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Drawing Analysis

Drawing Analysis is a technique that combines psychoanalysis, color psychotherapy, and art therapy to help individuals understand their subconscious mind through the medium of art. I use this approach to address various issues, including depression, anxiety, career issues, and more.

Helps understand the subconscious mind

Expresses emotions, past traumas, and personal struggles

Combines principles of psychoanalysis, color therapy, and art therapy

Tailored to meet the unique needs of each client

Contact me today to schedule a session and start exploring the depths of your subconscious mind through Drawing Analysis.

I am love, and because I am love, I cannot lose love. And because I cannot lose love, I give love – joyfully. Over and over

I used to play dress up as a child. It was my favorite game, I could be anything from a character from a movie to my grandfather, from a vegetable seller to a bride. Now that I look back, it wasn’t the clothes or the game, I wanted to be the persona. I wanted to feel how it is to be that person. I wanted to get into their role and life and go through what they are going through. Later I realized this is empathy. And I wanted to empathize with the people around me. I wanted to be a paan wala and feel the excitement of making a paan and I wanted to be a wonder woman to feel powerful. This empathy is exactly what has helped me to do the exact same thing today but professionally – to be a psychologist just without the dress up!

 I want to thank my grandfather Mr. Manoharlal Bhatia for all the love & strength he showered upon me… 


A little bit about me…

I have done Masters in Clinical Psychology with an additional Masters in Forensic Psychology (universal certification)

I have also done a Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN) and am currently pursuing PGDM in Healthcare Management.

I am a trained Art Psychotherapist and I use expressive art methods like Drawing Analysis, Colour Healing & Psychology and Metaphor Therapy. My approach combines Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Client Centered Therapy and Mindfulness Techniques.

Client Love (Testimonials)


I was especially very impressed by her art therapy

Talking to Naomi was an amazing experience and I was especially very impressed by her art therapy. Her drawing analysis for me was absolutely correct and gave me so much insight to work on. Would highly recommend people to visit her.

The points she told me to focus on were apt

Had a very good first-time experience with an art psychologist, especially her art therapy which is great, and the points she told me to focus on were apt. Definitely recommend her for a consultation

She’s a great listener

Turned out really well. She’s a great listener and has given me tips that help me in my day-to-day life too. Would definitely recommend it!

Drawing analysis helped me express beter

Her drawing analysis helped me express myself better. She understood my problems within a short span of time. She also made me realize the underlying issues that might be triggering the problems and suggested methods to overcome them, which will help me in the long run. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended!

Drawing analysis for my kid was absolutely correct

Had a great session with Naomi Bhatia. Her Drawing analysis for my kid was absolutely correct and I got to know more about my child, even though my kid enjoyed the session, highly recommended.

Online sessions were convenient

I recommend the doctor. Great consulting sessions with Ms. Bhatia. Helped a lot. Can definitely recommend counseling. Conveniently located at Hiranandani, it was easy for me to travel here. Also, if I was not able to visit, online sessions were more convenient. Thank you, doctor.

I got to know so much about what I am going through

I recommend the doctor. Wonderful session on drawing analysis. It was fun as well as I got to know so much about what I am going through. Your guidance has helped me.

She understands the core needs of patients

She understands the core needs of patients and works from its core. The drawing analysis done by her was a good insight for me, which helped me to know my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you

She diagnosed what I was going through

Naomi is a very good listener and understood my concern in detail. In just a few sessions she diagnosed what I was going through. She made me understand the core issue and how to deal with it effectively.